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Date: Wed Jun 15 2011 - 20:55:13 EDT

Heheh... Small world. Scott Walsh (was a regional sales guy for Advanced
Circuits back in the day) runs a lot of the stuff at PCBUniverse (he was VP
of Sales last I heard). IIRC, Scott's brother is here in Portland which I
assume is how they located the business here.
The do nice work-- I had them run prototypes of an ~8 layer <4mil
trace/space board, controlled impedance, fancy substrate, microvias and some
other tricky stuff for a client. They came in well under half the price of
Advanced Circuits and quality was really good. (Especially after we had to
scrap an entire lot from the much more expensive Sierra Proto Express due to
a crappy plating job!) PCBUniverse has a partner fab overseas that does all
the actual 'work' (they're basically a sales and fulfillment operation here
from what I understand). That pretty much adds a day to the process for the
extra shipping step over the pacific and forward from Oregon.


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hey! are you thinking of using that pcbuniverse place i found, where the
price was around 49.00 in quantity? just curious, Brett


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