Re: WTB: Lunar lander control panel

From: Alpha1 <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 08:12:05 EST

I paid him over $1000 for pokeys, quad pokeys and some AVGs. All I got was

I emailed a few of the people that had won auctions on eBay also and found
all to been given the same excuse as me, that UPS had lost, dropped,
whatever the package and it was now lost.

I immediately smelled a rat so contact Alex and a few other guys and we all
demanded our money back. After threatening to take it to RGVAC and other
newsgroups he immediately ponied up the $ and I got my Paypal reinbursement.

I didn't take it any further, but I honestly hand on my heart believe the
guy is a scammer. Whether he always was or something has happened to make
him this way, only people with previous transaction know.


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