6100 Deflection problem

From: Ron Matuszak <ron.matuszak_at_buckeye-express.com>
Date: Sat Feb 02 2008 - 14:33:49 EST

I have a 6100 that was dead when I bought it. It's in a Gravitar. My problem is, I only have delfection in the upper right of the monitor (X+ and Y+). I have swapped the transistors to both sides. No change. The spot killer isn't lit. It's not blowing fuses. I did the following on it.

Full cap kit
Reflowed the wires for the transistors
Checked for cold solder joints
Reflowed all the conector pins on the deflection board
Tried to adjust the monitor using the pots on the board
Double/triple checked all of the chassis transistors (they're good)

I checked the X and Y out on the Gravitar board using my scope and game looks good. It has full deflection. I was able to finally play a game that way. I'm thinking it has to be the monitor. Any ideas on what I'm missing ?


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