Re: 6100 Deflection problem

From: John Robertson <>
Date: Sat Feb 02 2008 - 14:43:56 EST

Ron Matuszak wrote:
> I have a 6100 that was dead when I bought it. It's in a Gravitar. My
> problem is, I only have delfection in the upper right of the monitor
> (X+ and Y+). I have swapped the transistors to both sides. No change.
> The spot killer isn't lit. It's not blowing fuses. I did the following
> on it.
> Full cap kit
> Reflowed the wires for the transistors
> Checked for cold solder joints
> Reflowed all the conector pins on the deflection board
> Tried to adjust the monitor using the pots on the board
> Double/triple checked all of the chassis transistors (they're good)
> I checked the X and Y out on the Gravitar board using my scope and
> game looks good. It has full deflection. I was able to finally play a
> game that way. I'm thinking it has to be the monitor. Any ideas on
> what I'm missing ?
> -Ron
Did you check the yoke protection fuses for continuity/bad grip? Also,
you can use you scope on the deflection board to see if the signal is
getting through.

Remember that XY monitors are virtually identical to audio amplifiers -
roughly the same drive and frequency response is just a bit higher...

You can run the monitor with the yoke unplugged for example (no load
condition), just be sure to have the driver transistors plugged in.

John :-#)#

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