Star Wars WG 6100 all colour in middle of screen problem.

From: David Johnston <>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 12:53:38 EST

I picked up a Star Wars upright recently. It has a WG 6100 in it. When
you power it up all the screen is dispplayed in a circle about 1.5" in
diameter. I have rebuilt a 6100 in the past from a Bob Roberts deluxe
kit but I'm not sure what thee issue is with this and was hoping
someone could help. Someone told me it may be the 'yoke' but I no idea
if that is the case or not. ALSO the monitor make a crackeling sound
the whole time it's on. I haven't left it on for long because I don't
want to cause more problems. Any info would b greatly appriciated!

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