k6100 problem and LV2000 weirdness

From: John Huie <jehuie_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 13:13:50 EST

  Hi all, I'm new to this list and I could really use some help. I've got a WG k6100 monitor in a Star Wars game that I just recently did a Zanen get well kit on along with a LV2000 from Jeff Hendrix (who has been awsome by the way).
  When I fire up the monitor with only the main harness plugged in, the LV2000 gives the proper +26 and -26 voltages and both LED's on it or on. But when I plug in the HV unit and power it up, they both come on for about 5 seconds and then the right hand led goes back out.
  Also, I've measured the B+ and it reads 179 volts during that 5 second interval that both LED's are on but drops to zero when the right LED goes out.
  I'm fairly new to this stuff but can find my way around ok and have successfully fixed quite a few monitors (with help from RGVAC). But this one has me totally stumped.
  Do any of you guru types help me out? I'd REALLY appreciate it!

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