Re: New member

From: Travis Shire <>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 14:27:19 EST

 Hi Ross,
> are you sure you need a new lopt ? Its very rarely that they go. So
> far every dead WG6100 i have ever worked on the fault has either
> been with the deflection pcb, the HV pcb or the chasis mount
> transistors.
> Time to dig out the multimeter and start checking components.
> This used to be a great link
> don't know if its still active or not...
> Pinx
I haven't seen one go horribly wrong, but I have had at least 2 of them start arcing due to cracks in the casing. Some HV putty or corona dope usually takes care of it, but its not really a permanent fix.

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