Re: WTB: Working Electrohome G05-802 Chassis/HV Cage

From: Colin Davies <>
Date: Sat Mar 15 2008 - 17:58:24 EDT

If you are really really stuck and can wait...

I have a few monitors, some of which I plan to strip down for spares. Will be a while till I can look at them though... If you can wait a couple of months, I can strip the deflection board and HV cage and test them on another monitor as I'm putting together a mini BZ for someone.

Problem is I'm in the UK, and this stuff (esp a working HV cage) is quite valuable to us over here...

Do you have the wiring etc and do you have the power transistors on your frame ?

Cheers, Colin
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  From: jason shaw
  Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 9:50 PM
  Subject: VECTOR: WTB: Working Electrohome G05-802 Chassis/HV Cage

  Hi everyone. I know I'm reaching here, but I have to at least try........

  I have an Electrohome G05-802 tube and frame, but no electronics. It was recommended to me that I find a used Asteroids game and part it out, but I missed the only few and far between opportunities already to get one here locally, and don't want to pay $300-400 to ship a broken Asteroids here. Therefore, I figured I'd at least try here before giving up on my quest or hoping another busted game that uses a G05-802 monitor pops up around the Portland area.

  If anyone has the working chassis and HV cage for a G05-802 monitor (or a 19V2000 (P299) deflection board, as I understand they are compatible - just not the cap kits?), I'm interested.

  Jason D. Shaw
  Portland, Oregon

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