G08_105 (Cosmic Chasm) monitor inquiry

From: Joe Magiera <joemagiera_at_ameritech.net>
Date: Fri Mar 28 2008 - 12:57:26 EDT

I'm trying to have a G08_105 (Cosmic Chasm) monitor that had a broken neck
fixed up. I purchased a new 19VNJP22 tube from Scotty at Hawkeye Picture
Tubes. The new tube came and it had an extra pin on the neck. When we
tried to install the tube on the existing tested known working chassis, we
got uncontrollable brightness. Scan lines all over and we had the
brightness turned all the way down.


I talked to Scotty and he supplied what he called a "basing diagram" for the
tube, which is basically pinouts. I threw together a quick web page showing
the old tube and new tube and the neck board. While the old tube didn't
have this extra pin, it does appear that there is contacts for it in the
neck socket and on the neck board (it appears to be tied to ground), do any
of you think this could cause the brightness? I know we can just cut the
pin off and try it, but I'd rather have some more knowledge to work from
before we just do that.


Check it out here:




Any thoughts or ideas anyone?


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