Taking Alpha 1 to the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown...

From: Jess Askey <jess_at_askey.org>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 22:02:11 EDT

Hey Everyone...

Im going to be taking my Atari Alpha 1 (Major Havoc Proto) game down to
the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown this year along with some pins. They
will have a modest video game corner set up and about 100 pins. I
suppose the game isn't as interesting since the ROM's are on MAME now
but either way, it is pretty fun to see the game in it's 'half
completed' state and play it with a real roller controller. I will
probably be swapping out the Proto PCB with a Production PCB throughout
the show so people can play either version.

More details are at http://www.pinballshowdown.com

see you there!!

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