Re: battlezone half screen problem

From: andre <>
Date: Wed May 28 2008 - 15:44:57 EDT

Lucky I still had my Omega Race as I am moving all
games to storage and making sure each works before
taking them..
The OR monitor worked so I narrowed it to the monitor.

Took out deflection and looked around the pots. I
noticed a cap had a broken trace on the back..very
hard to see but if I pushed down slightly on the cap I
could see it move.. soldered that back and it works
fine.. was cap c502.


> XY Scope the signal on the Game PCB Test points
> first of all, to make sure your barking up the right
> tree (or try another monitor).
> Might just be a coincidence that you were twiddling
> the pots as BZ pcb's play up at the best of times
> I lost the bottom half of the screen a few months
> ago, but when I turned it on recently, it was
> working again !! The fire button decided to get
> stuck on though shortly after but thats a different
> matter !!..
> Cheers, Colin
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> I would see if any of the pots have dry joints
> first, then i would meter
> them out of circuit to see if they have a clean
> sweep and if they give the
> correct reading for their value...
> Pinx
> p.s. i would still meter the transistors too, just
> in case....

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