Re: G08 input voltages

From: <>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 15:18:03 EST

I'm pretty certain *any* Sega transformer (raster or vector) is the same,
and thus appropriate for a G08 setup.


> It's a very bad idea.
> I have a 90VCT toroid transformer that works well with the G08 if anyone
> is interested.
> JS
> utahtaper wrote:
>> A couple years ago I bought a Skydiver that was converted into Star
>> Trek. The cabinet was falling apart and I ended up parting it. I
>> suspect they tapped into the isolation transformer to run the G08
>> from. >From what I've been told the G08 takes 90VAC(two lines of
>> 45VAC). This transformer is outputting 120VAC(Two lines of 60VAC).
>> Anyone out there know if this monitor can handle this voltage? It
>> would seem it's a bad idea even though the converted game had been
>> running that way for who knows how long. I was hoping to try it out
>> with my ZVG setup.

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