Asteroids missing rocks?

From: Joe Magiera <>
Date: Wed Dec 24 2008 - 12:35:17 EST

Doing a burn-in test of an Asteroids PCB. After about 6 hours of being on,
the rocks disappear from the screen. Everything else seems to be working
fine. The game plays, sounds are all fine, your ship moves and fires and
the two enemy saucers both appear, but no rocks appear. The rocks are there
because if you hit one of the invisible rocks, the rock exploding sound is
heard, and the bullet stops. Your score displays, but the attract screen
that normally shows between games doesn't display (except for your ship
flying around). I know the monitor is good as I've tested other PCB's in
this game for 24 hours before? I checked the Audio/Reg board and it's
putting out a solid +5.00 VDC (measured on the PCB) both when I initially
turn it on and when the rocks are not present, which to me points to a PCB
problem. Any ideas anyone?




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