RE: New Vector monitor project progress

From: Clay Cowgill <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 13:49:12 EDT

> > James probably has the answer he needs, but in the case of Tempest and
> Star
> > Wars the refresh rate is variable. I think Star Wars runs around 40Hz
> most
> > of the time, with some segments hopping up above 60 and some below 30...
> Star Wars runs at a dead 30hz, until the death star explodes, at which
> time it drops to 15.
You sure about that? Not what my scope measures... (Just check it during
the "scroller" when the ESB logo disappears to see the difference.)

(Hmmmm, maybe it *does* trigger at 30Hz, but doesn't necessarily have timem
to finish before the next 30Hz period rolls around?)

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