Re: WG6100: HV P316 instead of P329?

From: Andre Huijts <>
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 14:44:01 EDT

Read the FAQ again because it _does_ mention that all the boards are
interchangeable with one importnat exception for some extra wire on a
later board. Don't have the doc here right now but it _is_ in there...

Op 19 mei 2008, om 03:32 heeft Alexander Glaser het volgende geschreven:

> Dear Vectorlist Team:
> I am having trouble with a P329 HV cage in a WG 6100 (July 1982
> Gravitar). For testing purposes, can I use an older P316 HV cage
> instead (i.e. between a P327 LV board and the P328 neck board)? I am
> aware of Greg Woodcock's excellent 1996 FAQ, but he doesn't seem to
> answer this (simplistic) question.
> Thanks ... Alex
> PS: The Gravitar monitor currently shuts down after a few minutes
> of operation. I assumed that the reason for this behavior is the HV
> trip (on the P329) being too sensitive; but the adjustment procedure
> outlined in the manual (TM-183, 3rd printing, p. 9) doesn't seem to
> work ...

André Huijts

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