battlezone half screen problem

From: andre <>
Date: Tue May 27 2008 - 15:24:33 EDT

I have a BZ that was working great.. I replaced the
tube in the monitor today and it was looking great. As
I was adjusting the pots, the led on deflection
started to flicker.. it is not on completely, but very
dim and flickers slightly.. but on the screen, I had
lost the right half of the image. Its not a transistor
issue (i think) as it is not a defined bright white
vertical line..
When it is in attract on the score screen it is pretty
well the center that is the dividing line with the
right half missing. Where the dividing area is, it
fades over about a 1/4 inch. When it goes to the part
of the attract where the battlefield is rendered, the
side that is missing waves side to side and almost at
times becomes completely visible.. its almost the same
look as if you were projecting an image on a wall and
a flag blowing in the wind was blocking half the
screen, and revealing it as the wind blew.. hope this
makes sense.

I read a bunch of vectorlist posts and nothing seems
to be the same..similar.. I replaced c11 like someone
else had done and it did nothing. I also tried a
different yoke and the same thing although opposite
side was blank (was from a direct view game).. blank
area rotates with the yoke if you turn it.. Its almost
like that side of the yoke has no power although if
that was true, the beam should collapse into a bright
line in the center I would think.

Any ideas??

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