Re: has any one run a ZVG under linux or started to try??

From: <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 11:29:38 EST

Tom McClintock wrote:

> How about a PC-on-a-card platform? Anyone find a suitable platform?
> Last time I looked, prices weren't too outrageous, but the I/O was the
> issue (I think at least). For $200-$300, I'd think a good solution
> could be found that could run Linux or DOS and consume less power,
> while at the same time eliminating the mechanical issues.
> Any of you guys running an industrial device computer at work that
> would fit the bill? tm

The problem there is price. My power draw is around 50 watts. I use
an older Shuttle SK41G PC, about the size of a lunchbox, which easily
sits inside just about any arcade cabinet.. thus allowing you to still
have a case for supporting cards. I was able to gather the whole
vectormame hardware sans ZVG card for less than $100 from ebay
purchases. Maybe I got lucky.


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