Re: G08 input voltages

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Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 17:25:29 EST

There is NO WAY that a G08 will be able to handle 120VAC where it is expecting 90VAC.

The +/- 63VDC rails are generated by the most elementary diode rectifier bridge and capacitor combination there is.
  You would be directly scaling up the collector voltages on the yoke output transistors by 33 percent. Seeing that a common alteration to the operation is to DROP the input voltage for cooler operation, I would expect a heat based failure in short order.


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> A couple years ago I bought a Skydiver that was converted into Star Trek. The cabinet was falling apart and I ended up parting it. I suspect they tapped into the isolation transformer to run the G08 from. From what I've been told the G08 takes 90VAC(two lines of 45VAC). This transformer is outputting 120VAC(Two lines of 60VAC). Anyone out there know if this monitor can handle this voltage? It would seem it's a bad idea even though the converted game had been running that way for who knows how long. I was hoping to try it out with my ZVG setup.

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